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Anointed Ambitions

Christian Coaching

Tiffany Nicole Loftus

The Mission:
To equip women to walk in authentic identity and purpose by helping them experience healing and breakthrough in every area of their lives.

"God has blessed me with the ability to see in others what they cannot see in themselves."

Breakthrough Coach & Strategist

Why Anointed Ambitions?

Inner Healing & Wholeness

Identity Discovery & Recovery





Accountability and Goal Completion

There may be more to God's plan for your life than where you are now! It's time to come off of the hamster wheel! You've been moving but you aren't going anywhere, and it's time to experience a life of authentic identity, freedom, and purpose.


It's time to take back what was stolen from you! Are you ready to see real transformation in your life? Are you ready to end the self-hatred, the self-sabotage, the false identity, the repeated destructive cycles that lead from one unhealthy relationship to another? Are you filled with ideas and goals that you know the Lord has given you, but you just can't seem to get started or keep going? Do you know the connection between your unhealed trauma and unfulfilled ambitions? If you're ready for answers, if you're ready for are in the right place!


The Word of God is the standard for what we do, and because God is the author and finisher of the faith required to run this race, we consult Him first! God's plans come with a process, and we are here to help you walk through that process. As transformation takes place you will experience a shift in your mental health, mindsets, relationships, parenting, spiritual growth, physical health, your career or business, and more! The goal is to see you succeed in completing every ambition God has anointed in your life. 

We'll be with you, but we can't walk this path for you. You have to be intentional, strategic, and consistent. Show up for yourself! Only you can decide how much work you're willing to put in. What are you willing to invest to become the whole version of yourself that walks in purpose and freedom? It's time to walk in God's original design and intent for your life! If you go through the process and put in your best effort you will succeed, and your life will not be the same!


About Me!
Founder of Anointed Ambitions LLC


Tiffany is a dynamic problem-solving superstar! An Illinois native, she has called Oklahoma home for many years. Faith and family are most important to her. She has a wonderful husband and 8 children (5 biological and 3 bonus). She's a homeschooling mom and a dog mom. She owns a flooring installation and carpentry business Loftus Family Carpentry LLC alongside her husband and the two have run it together since 2016.

Anointed Ambitions Facebook Group

Support Group for Women Only

Join us to receive the encouragement and support you need! The purpose of this group is to empower and encourage women to reach their goals, fulfill their purpose, and work towards healing and personal growth. This group is for women only, and members are not required to be Anointed Ambitions clients.

We talk about real-life issues women face daily because life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. It helps to have the support you need to heal, get unstuck, and move forward. This group is run from a biblical Christian worldview. Members aren't required to be Christian, but by joining they understand that the standard expected in this group will be the Word of God.


Working alongside Tiffany has been an incredible journey. Despite her firm approach, she exudes care and a genuine desire to guide you toward your breakthrough. Tiffany, a straightforward coach, resonated with me as I appreciate the unfiltered truth, even when it's a bit tough to swallow. Her leadership is geared towards helping you swiftly attain what you need and propelling you to the next phase of your life. If you're seeking a coach who cuts through the chase and encourages rapid transition and overcoming challenges, Tiffany is the ideal choice. She's not about indulging in pity parties but focuses on ensuring you move forward swiftly and avoid lingering in self-pity for days, weeks, or months. I appreciate Tiffany's approach, and for that, Tiffany, I love you. 

T.B. Oklahoma

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